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Onion Pi makes your web traffic anonymous | Open Electronics Gadgets, Linux, Rasberry Pi, The Onion, Microcontrollers, Wifi, Raspberry Pi Projects, Raspberry Pi, Gadget

Adafruit’s Onion Pi is a Tor proxy that makes your web traffic anonymous, allowing you to use the internet free of snoopers and any kind of surveillance. Follow Adafruit’s tutorial on setting up Onion Pi and you’re on your way to a peaceful anonymous browsing experience. Tor is an onion routing service – every internet […]

Allen Valdes
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In this project you're going to learn how to build a car recognition system using a Raspberry Pi and Node-RED. For this project we'll be using a software called OpenALPR (Automatic License Place Recognition) that has an API you can use to identify car plates and car models based on an image.

Tim Bergerhofer