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Humor is a crazy thing. Ya either get it or ya don't. But you get it & we got it. So sit back and enjoy a comical new dump of outrageously funny memes & cool, random pics. They'll smack ur funny bone harder than a one-handed drunk Russian wacking his head with a vodka bottle. That's gotta hurt. But these won't.

50 Confusing And Funny Photos Without Any Context, As Shared By This Instagram Page

If you think you’ve ‘seen it all,’ dear Pandas, think again. Some of you internet veterans out there might believe that there’s nothing on social media that can confuse you anymore… and so did we. But Instagram accounts like @junkmanbaby really knock us out of our comfort zones—actually, we’re so far out now that we can’t find our way back. Please, send help!

bonnie butler
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Another collection of random pictures and memes to improve your day. When the world has got you down, you can always count on a random pic dump to help improve your mood.So before you go, take some random af memes or some pretty funny memes with you, they're on the house.

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