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#3 in non-fiction. The first book is done at 200 parts and thanks to you it was pretty successful so I decided to go for another part to continue with the random tips, quotes and advices. hopefully, this will reach more and more writers and help many aspiring authors to improve their writing skills. ENJOY :)) **I DO NOT OWN THE COPYRIGHT TO THE MATERIALS PUBLISHED IN THIS BOOK. A big THANK YOU to @martaxSofia for making the pretty covers for the books. :)

Lindsey Olmstead
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When life hands us situations that hurt, we sometimes want to push it away, hide it in a closet. It's too hard to bring it forth and try to deal with the misfortune. There are so many events in our life that create deep wounds and leave scars--the death of a spouse, losing a child, being in a terrible accident, losing a home to fire or a tornado, a difficult romance and break-up. The list could go on and on. I believe that writing about whatever happened has benefits. It is cathartic for the…

Nancy Julien Kopp