Preschool Literacy

Enhance your child's literacy skills with these engaging and educational preschool activities. Discover interactive games, books, and exercises to promote early reading and writing.
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I think it’s safe to say that the warmer weather is FINALLY here to stay (fingers crossed), and we couldn’t be happier about it! This means water play ideas for preschoolers will be the name of the game. We need all the outdoor time we can get after such a long winter. Just before we

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Are you looking for fun hands on Centers for Summer? Then you will love Summer Centers for Preschool.activities will help children build number sense.

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Teachers and families are always asking me what my "must have" hands-on literacy activities are for a preschool or pre-k classroom! I gave it some thought and made this post with my favorites from Lakeshore. Students need to be exploring and manipulating real letters and playing literacy games that are FUN and engaging! Friends, these must-haves are all of those things! Click HERE to shop at Lakeshore!

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These games help pre-K children practice Letter Sound learning in a fun, hands-on way. Sound Cups Use 26 disposable clear punch cups and label

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This "Kaboom!" preschool alphabet game is so simple, costs almost nothing to make, and it can be adapted to learn practically anything. Word Games For Preschoolers, Preschool Reading Games, Beginning Words For Preschool, Prek Large Group Literacy, Things Preschoolers Should Know, Letter Small Group Activities, Games For Learning Letter Sounds, Alphabet Group Activities Preschool, Abc Center Activities Preschool

This "Kaboom!" preschool alphabet game is so simple, costs almost nothing to make, and it can be adapted to learn practically anything.

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These FREE editable name mats provide hands-on name practice for preschool and kindergarten. Help little ones learn to write their names while having fun!

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