Pokemon alola

Embark on an exciting adventure in the vibrant region of Pokemon Alola. Discover new Pokemon, battle powerful trainers, and uncover the secrets of this captivating world. Start your journey today!
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Pokémon Oneshots - Perfect Date ~ Sawyer x Reader

My collection of Pokémon characters x reader oneshots - a place where it's OK to kiss strangers. Some of the stories contain spoilers to the anime series, generations episodes and the games. At the moment, the book contains the following characters: - Alain (3x) - Ash Ketchum (2x) - Barry - Ben - Black/ Touya - Blue Oak - Brawly (2x) - Buck - Burgh - Calem - Cheren (2x) - Chili - Clemont - Colress (2x) - Cress - Curtis - Davy - Diamond - Drew - Eusine - Falkner (3x) - Flint - Gladion (3x)…