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Join a Pinterest group to connect with like-minded individuals and discover new ideas. Explore top group ideas that will inspire and elevate your Pinterest experience.
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Learn how I increased my interest monthly viewers from 257K to 9M just in one month, with only 2000 followers! I will share secret tips on successfully increase exposure to your blog and Pinterest account.

Kimberly Kriebel-Obama
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Learn the best tricks and tips about how to use and how to join Pinterest group boards to promote your website to make money. Pinterest is THE BEST social media outlet for bloggers to get viral traffic to your blog! Exactly how to get more followers and repins using Pinterest group boards.

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I've been kind of on a Pinterest kick lately and to continue on with that theme, I wanted to create a large list of some great group boards you can join. Last weeks' post was all about using Pinterest group boards to drive traffic to your blog and I realized I didn't include any group boards that

Horlly Aj