Paper pumpkins

Get into the fall spirit with these creative and fun paper pumpkin crafts. From simple DIY projects to intricate designs, discover how to make your own paper pumpkins and decorate your home for the season.
Paper pumpkins. You need a popsicle stick and paper. I know what else we're doing, only this time it's for Halloween. So we don't have to cram another thing on our summer list of "things to do." (: haha! Pumpkin Decorating Ideas For Classroom, 3d Pumpkin Bulletin Board, Høstaktiviteter For Barn, Veselý Halloween, Halloween Kunst, Paper Pumpkin Craft, Harvest Crafts, Dekorasi Halloween, Pumpkin Ornaments

Paper Pumpkin Craft Tutorial

It’s fall, and this paper pumpkin craft tutorial is the perfect pumpkin craft for kids. Can’t you just imagine a whole classroom filled with these hanging pumpkins. They are beautiful as they twirl in circles. With very few supplies needed, it’s so easy to make these with kids. Working on how to measure can be...Read More

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