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"FastMac U-Socket" gives you 2 USB ports and can be easily wired into exisiting electical boxes. Made In The USA !! Usb Outlet, Gadgets And Gizmos, Wall Outlets, Cool Tech, Power Outlet, Outlet Covers, Home Hacks, Household Hacks, Organization Hacks

FastMac U-Socket gives you a pair of USB ports for charging gadgets - The Red Ferret Journal

In the last couple of years I have managed to acquire a few gadgets that can recharge via USB. This is generally very convenient, though at times I wish I had more plugs that went into a wall socket and gave me a USB port for charging. After all, I have many more USB cables than adapters. Well here is a wall outlet that actually has built-in USB ports for charging.

Chris Broussard
Fastmac U-Socket USB/Power Outlet: The two USB ports are USB 3.0-compliant, have 12W of total charging power and are rated at 2.1A.  via macithelp Find it here , $19.95 http://tinyurl.com/3tt5dd3  #USB_Power_Outlet #Fastmac #macithelp Organisation, Casa Diy, Power Outlet, Cool Stuff, My New Room, Household Hacks, The Two, Cool Gadgets, My Dream Home

Fastmac U-Socket USB/Power Outlet

Back in December of 2009 (is that really almost 2 years ago?) I found an online article advertising a very cool product that I fell in love with. Fastmac corporation had combined a standard 110V power outlet with 2 USB ports and called it U-Socket. I glanced around at my computer area and took note of the tangle of cables and huge number of power adaptors and decided I needed to get me some of these! Fastmac offered an introductory price of $9.99 per outlet but pre-order wasn't available. A…

Lauren Hess

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