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Upgrade your living room with a stylish and eco-friendly organic sofa. Explore top ideas to create a sustainable and comfortable space for your home.
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Eichholtz Furniture

Established in The Netherlands in 1992, Eichholtz has held tight to its founding principles of delivering distinctive design and service excellence with integrity and authenticity. Eichholtz has built an expansive collection of over 4,000 designs, each piece of furnitures, lighting and accessory unique, beautifully cra

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Tateyama Sofa - Property Furniture

Tateyama is a conversational sofa characterized by its soft curves and unusual shape which encourages the users to engage with one another. It is both welcoming and comfortable. A gap has been carved out of the backrest, opening the sofa up to the rest of the room. The sofa is available with or without the incorporated side tables, which are supported by a continuous metal belt. The sofa can be upholstered in a number of…

Pietra Organic Couch Upholstered in Bouclé Fabric | See more antique and modern Sofas at Organic Couch, Italian Sofa Designs, Organic Sofa, Wooden Couch, Italian Stone, Upholstered Couch, White Bedroom Decor, Wooden Log, Fabric For Sale

"Pietra" Organic Couch Upholstered in Bouclé Fabric

From Italian: Stone The designer Marta Manente is of Italian descent, her great-grandparents migrated from Italy over 100 years ago and lived in the region of Bento Gonçalves – Brazil on the mountains that surround the Rio das Antas. The river that made the initial profession of the family of wooden log rafts, transporting wood in times of river floods to various places in the state. The river is memorable in stories told by his father who was a carpenter, and is currently the family's…