Nonprofit startup

Learn the key strategies and steps to launch a successful nonprofit startup. Discover how to create impact, attract donors, and achieve your mission in the nonprofit sector.
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It is the #1 question I hear. Every month, it comes up in my Facebook group. Where can I find start-up grants for my nonprofit? It sounds like a simple question, but I find myself hesitating because it really isn’t that simple. Most people who ask that question haven’t yet come

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Welcome to the ultimate blog post of common nonprofit startup terms. Below I am explaining common terms you’ll see conducting your nonprofit’s business. Starting a nonprofit and navigating the startup phase can be hard enough. Imagine having to know all of the acronyms and terms all at once! It’s so

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Today, there are all sorts of low and no-cost resources for nonprofits. Everything from social media & content to websites & email, to peer fundraising.

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