Night flowers

Experience the magical allure of night flowers. Explore a collection of stunning plants that bloom under the cover of darkness and create a mesmerizing atmosphere in your garden.
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Moon flowers are beautiful and tend to emerge at night. This makes them a rare nocturnal flower which it's beauty can also be seen during the day time. Classic heirloom variety’s sensuously fragrant 6" flowers magically open in the evening: you can actually watch them unfurl. For added interest, mix them in a flowerbed with

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Night-blooming flowers are unique plants that open their petals and exude fragrances exclusively under the cover of darkness, creating a mystical and enchanting garden ambiance. These nocturnal bloomers, such as moonflowers and night-blooming jasmine, are adapted to attract night-time pollinators like moths and bats with their luminous beauty and intense scents.

Sabrina Fasano
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Many already consider flowers to be a refreshing splash of color in their backyard or garden, so why not strengthen the impression by making them literally seem like a dash of spilled paint? These creative garden designs will show you how you can make flowers look like spilled streams and mounds of liquid color!

Marina Garner