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Going on LinkedIn is very much like going through the looking glass into Bizarre-O Land. It’s a wild ride. Maybe you spot a few genuinely good briefs with some practical advice in your feed, shared by seasoned industry veterans. Then you sidestep a hundred or so people robotically bragging about how they’re so grateful/happy to quit/start a position at their old/new job. At this point, you’re so deep down the rabbit hole that you start noticing the most awful stuff that LinkedIn has to…

Haley Andreoni
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The 4th and 5th grade classes have been spending some time reviewing lines and spaces in preparation for our recorder unit. I love using centers to help students practice certain skills. It gives me a chance to assess the students as I observe. The students love centers because they get to play fun games! Here are the centers I chose for our treble clef study: 1) Staff Wars: A Smartboard Game - There are many online games like this but my students enjoy this one because it is all about speed…

Nancy Goll