Necklace clasps

Discover a variety of unique necklace clasps to add a touch of elegance and functionality to your jewelry collection. Find the perfect clasp to secure your favorite necklaces with style.
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Exploring The Variety Of Clasps Used In Handcrafted Jewelry

A clasp is used when the jewelry designer wants to join two ends together in order to secure the object in question. It is the component used to suspend the adornment to the wearer. There is an endless array of clasps that can be made or purchased...

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How to Make a Clasp — Clasp Ideas You Can Make Yourself | Beaded Jewelry Diva

How to make a it difficult? No, it's not, as long as you have some wire and feel like playing! Making your own clasps gives you the opportunity to customize your jewelry even further. It also helps when you realize you don't have a clasp the right size, LOL. You can make one just

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Shop for Clasps for Making Jewelry. Clasps are usually made of metal and allow a piece of jewelry to be easily worn and removed. "Easily" is relative however--some clasps are easier to operate than others. Toggle clasps tend to be very forgiving, while spring ring clasps can be very difficult but are also very secure. Magnetic clasps are super easy but may not be very secure, especially if the piece has any weight to it. When choosing a clasp, think about where the piece will be worn--for…

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