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Mother's Day Cards Part I

New(ish) attempt at style. Decided I wanted to loosen up with watercolor, because even though tight and detailed watercolor is amazing and makes me super envious, I'm more drawn to the looser stuff- there is a lot more expression and that makes it... artsier? And therefore, more interesting to me. Anyway, taking heavy notes from Tori Ratcliffe (check her out if you don't know who she is), but also not trying to completely come off as a copycat. Wanted to be a little more strict with my…

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Gravy Productions

Man I'm bored in the evening. Drew this while watching the Leafs lose yet again. Meah..... what can I do, I yell at the tv but it just doesn't seem to motivate them. Oh well. I don't know why I sketched this it just sorta came out, and then I thought, what to do with it..... post it I guess. Later .

Claudy Riley
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Line Art Outline of a Garden Snail with Shell for Logo or Mascot Design in Vector Illustration Stock Illustration - Illustration of design, line: 260457543

Illustration about a Line Art Outline of a Garden Snail with Shell for Logo or Mascot Design in Vector Illustration. Illustration of design, line, garden - 260457543

Petra Koucka