Marina barrage singapore

Discover the beauty of Marina Barrage in Singapore and enjoy breathtaking views of the city skyline. Plan your visit to this iconic landmark and experience a perfect blend of nature and urban architecture.
Aerial of the Marina Barrage; Photo Courtesy of PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency Singapore Architecture, Singapore Itinerary, Modern Facade, Water Catchment, Catchment Area, Water Playground, Singapore City, Urban Trends, Surface Water

Marina Barrage -

The Marina Barrage is a 350m wide dam built at the confluence of five rivers, across the Marina Channel to create Singapore's first urban reservoir. The reservoir boosts Singapore's water supply, alleviates flooding in low lying areas, and provides a new lifestyle attraction and venue for recreational activities. "With a catchment area of 10,000 hectares, or one-sixth the size of Singapore, Marina catchment is the island’s largest and most urbanised catchment. Together with two other…