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Discover the transformative writing lessons of Lucy Calkins and take your writing skills to the next level. Explore top strategies and techniques to ignite your creativity and become a confident writer.
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Literary Essay We are just about to finish up our third writing unit from Teacher's College/Lucy Calkins, so I wanted to share how it went, what we did, what worked and what (definitely) did not work! This quarter we focused on writing Literary Essays, which, before working my way through this unit, I could not have explained to anyone! So, since I wasn't 100% sure what a Literary Essay was and I knew my students weren't either, we started by just reading a bunch of sample essays and…

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If you missed the first two parts of Writing Workshop below to catch up. Why Writing Workshop? WW Set-Up and Products Today I will be sharing with you the typical Writing Workshop format. This has been adapted from Lucy Calkin's Unit of Studies and Katie Wood Ray and Lisa Cleaveland's About the Authors. A typical Writing Workshop lesson consists of 4 components... Mini-Lesson Time for kids to write Conferring with students Sharing Mini-Lessons A mini-lesson typically lasts…

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I was excited and delighted when our school purchased the Lucy Calkins Units of study for us - so excited I posted a review on the blog that's been pretty popular, so I know y'all are pretty excited too. :) When we purchased the set, I was lucky enough to go to a workshop with Lucy. {Spoiler alert: it was amazing, I highly recommend it.} As a way to share our knowledge, my principal asked those of us who were part of the workshop to share our thoughts on implementing the Lucy Calkins…

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You must know that one of the best things about teaching kindergarten is your students' ability to believe whatever you tell them. Like the magic of Santa Claus, or the Tooth Fairy, or leprechauns ... or Spiderman??!! Yes, even believing that Spiderman came to our classroom to tell us how to become the best readers possible! This new reading unit transitions us from focusing on retelling emergent storybook stories (reading from memory and picture support) to focusing on the actual print in…

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