Listening to directions activities

Enhance listening skills with fun activities that help students improve their ability to follow directions. Explore top ideas to make learning enjoyable and effective.
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Do you explicitly teach listening skills to your students? Did you know that 70-80% of our waking hours are spent in some form of communication? Of that, listening makes up about 45% of our daily communication! When I learned these statistics, I knew that I needed to be as intentional about teaching/practicing listening skills as […]

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Pair Work exercise useful for practising speaking and listening skills and giving/following instructions. Put students in pairs and give each half of the worksheet. Student B tells student B where to go on the grid and what to write or draw. Make students can not see each other´s sheet. This ws allows the whole class to practise simultaneously. At the end of the exercise, Ss should compare their answers to the teacher´s answer sheet. Enjoy. - ESL worksheets

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Listen-and-draw activities are excellent practice for your students to learn how to follow directions, pay attention to detail, and use their imagination to create a picture. These activities are also great for teaching ESL- English as a Second Language! Read on to find 25 incredible listen-and-draw activities that you can complete with your learners in preschool, elementary school, and beyond!

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Following directions can be a challenging task for preschoolers, and it can be frustrating for parents and teachers to constantly repeat themselves. But don’t worry, these 10 simple and fun activities help your little ones master the skill of listening and following directions. So get ready to have some fun while teaching your preschoolers an ... Read more

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