Lds primary presidency

Learn how to effectively lead an LDS Primary Presidency and create a positive impact on the children in your care. Get practical tips and strategies to strengthen your presidency and enhance the Primary experience.
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Have you just been called as the Primary President in your LDS congregation? Are you looking for advice on how to serve your children most effectively? We went right to the source and asked women who have served in Primary what they would want a newly called Primary President to know. Here are the very […]

James Lancaster
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I'm trying to be like Jesus and Follow Him.It's a few months away, but now is the time to prepare for your ward Primary Presentation. Choosing your program early helps you plan the rest of the year - especially the songs! The Primary Sacrament Meeting is a long tradition and highly anticipated presentation - and a monumental task for those preparing it. This free outline is designed to help get you started!This outline follows Christ's Life and what we are doing to be like Him. There are 8…

Amy Lu