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Welcome to 1F: Writing Using Modified Language Experience Approach (M.L.E.A.) Digital Marketing, Language Experience Approach, Hitesh Patel, What Is Today, Event Management, Learn English, Service Design, Talk Show, Science

Dear 1F, this is the first time you are doing MLEA writing. I would like to share the following notes and photos with you and your parents. Enjoy :) "... the Modified Language Experience Approach is an integrated and balanced language teaching approach hat uses motivating and enjoyable experiences to extend and expand on the language skills learned from the Big Books of SBA." - Extracted from MOE STELLAR Guidelines MLEA (1): Class Writing - Making a Sandwich for the Hungry Giant During MLEA…

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Take a FUN and easy Exploding Soap Experiment & turn it into a language building (& reading!) experience. Sneaking in Kindergarten readiness activities has never been so fun or easy! Language Experience Approach, Soap Experiment, Kindergarten Readiness Activities, Acts Of Kindness For Kids, Oral Language Activities, Kindness For Kids, Preschool Language, Ivory Soap, Kindergarten Readiness

Starting Kindergarten can be both fun and overwhelming for kids {and parents!} To help make the transition as smooth as possible a bunch of kid bloggers and educators have teamed up to bring you Get

This Week in Intervention:  Using the Language Experience Approach Language Experience Approach, Teaching Long Division, Partial Quotients, Teaching Division, Number Talks, Long Division, Math Division, Fourth Grade Math, Area Models

Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet readers!! I know some people don’t like this holiday very much, but I enjoy it. Not in a sappy, huge-amounts-of-balloons kind of way, but in a way that I think it’s a great excuse to celebrate all kinds of love. My husband has a surprise dinner date planned for us tonight in downtown Chicago. 🙂Anyway, back to my week. It was busy for sure…I kind of thought that things were going to settle down a bit now that our round of winter assessments is finished, but how…

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