La jolla cove

Discover the breathtaking beauty of La Jolla Cove. Experience the stunning coastline, go snorkeling, and enjoy the vibrant marine life. Plan your visit to La Jolla Cove today!
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La Jolla, California is widely known for the "Seven Caves" and most visitors go inside the caves through kayaking tours, but there's also another way you can get to these caves: through a tunnel from inside a gift shop! Instead of viewing the caves out in the open waters, you can view it from another perspective at Sunny Jim's Cave. It is very reasonably priced at $5 and completely accessible by foot.

Stella Esdale
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“Secret swings” exist around the world, especially in coastal areas that scream appreciation for the great outdoors. While some outdoor swings are widely known about and are tagged on maps leading you straight to them, “secret swings” are instead notoriously known for having no geotag anywhere online. The popularity of secret swings has grown and...