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Explore a collection of unique kit car ideas to satisfy your passion for building and customizing cars. Get inspired to create your own dream car with these top kit car ideas.
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Here's the thing about kit cars: they look awesome when they're done, and you may even end up with a decent performance car that costs a pittance compared to the real thing. Of course, that's only possible if you assemble it yourself, which involves the kind of free time not many folks are lucky enough...

Tom Finch
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It’s not a Micro-Machine. It’s not a Golf Cart w/ a grill. It’s a Smart Car, with a Body Kit, and it's kinda amazing. Smart car body kits are a clever way to make those eco-friendly cars (that we all love) look just a bit cooler. The upside of smart cars has always been obvious, but the drawbacks lurk right beneath the surface. The largest drag on the potential growth of smart cars is their look. Not all of these are real, obviously - Forced perspective, a little photoshop cropping, a motion…

Terry Dean Cotton
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The kit car, it's a great idea! You get a cool looking car with a lightweight body on a shoe string budget. The only problem is that you have to assemble it yourself and build quality isn't always the best. They are also hampered by the platform they are built around, which quite often is...