Kageyama x hinata

Explore the incredible bond between Kageyama and Hinata with fanart, highlights, and memorable moments. Discover the power and friendship of this iconic duo in the world of volleyball.
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✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。✧*。 ᗩs known, our bundle of sunshine Hinata gets a bit nervous before every match. Okay- very nervous. Major anxiety. But there's been a new change in Hinata's pre-match rituals; Hinata finds a moment now to grab Kageyama's clothing. After that signal, they move to a private location and they... Hug. This weird 'ritual' of theirs started about five months ago, around the time of the interhigh prelims. Hinata has began to loose his nerve before games, and the only way to…

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