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Boost your confidence and improve your interview skills with this essential vocabulary for English learners. Learn the key words and phrases that will help you excel in your next job interview.
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English Informal and Formal Words List; Informal Formal Ask for Request Look into Investigate Refer to Consult Hungry Famished But However Wrong Incorrect Mad Insane Let Allow Eager Avid Dare Challenge Hurt Damage Show Demonstrate Avoid Evade Sick ill Give up Quit Empty Vacant Mend Repair Idea Notion See Observe Need Require Informal Formal Live Reside Whole Entire Blow up Explode Thanks Gratitude Worse Inferior Keep Preserve Dim Indistinct Death Demise Job Occupation Dad Father Hopeless…

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The objective of this worksheet is to get students to prepare for a job interview and act it out later on. In a previous lesson the students had to read an application letter and study its layout and its meaning. Then they had to work in pairs and re-write the contents of each bubble in the good order; this task took 25 minutes. The teacher helped them to check their answers. Finally they could imagine their own dialogue. It is most suited for fifteen-year-old students. The correction is…

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This worksheet helps the learner understand basic terminologies used in the JOB market. A good exercise for all who are preparing for jobs and applying for jobs in English. It covers the basic vocabulary for any job in any job sector. A great worksheet for Adults too. The answers are in the footnote of the sheet and inverted. - ESL worksheets

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*** Job interview in English - Series. Part 6. ***  The last part in the series! Compelling words to illustrate what you have done and what you have achieved in your job and professional life.  #English #SummerEnglish #Englishgrammar #Englishforwork #BusinessEnglish #EnglishLanguage #Englishvocabulary #vocabulary #grammar #speakenglish Job Interview Phrases, Interview Vocabulary English, Interview English Vocabulary, Professional English Vocabulary, Hr Vocabulary, Interview Vocabulary, Job Vocabulary, Interview English, Resume Skills List

*** Job interview in English - Series. Part 6. *** The last part in the series! Compelling words to illustrate what you have done and what you have achieved in your job and professional life. #English #SummerEnglish #Englishgrammar #Englishforwork #BusinessEnglish #EnglishLanguage #Englishvocabulary #vocabulary #grammar #speakenglish

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Everyone is entitled to having their own beliefs. Some people keep them to themselves. Some like to blare them out every chance they get. And others have views so unconventional, they completely go against the status quo.

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