Infused liquors

Add a burst of flavor to your favorite cocktails with these delicious infused liquors. Discover unique recipes and techniques to create homemade infused liquors that will impress your guests.
apple pie, chocolate orange and vanilla chai infused bourbon. make it for the holidays! it's the perfect homemade gift. I Infused Alcohol Recipes, Vodka Infusions, Infused Bourbon, Flavored Alcohol, Alcohol Infusion, Infused Liquors, Pie Chocolate, Apple Bourbon, Homemade Alcohol

It’s time! To infuse your booze. No really. It is. You needed to do this, like, five minutes ago, if you want to have it ready for the holidays! I know. Don’t hate me. I’m not listening to Christmas music or anything. But I must tell you about this deliciousness NOW so you can reap the […]

Alena Stewart