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A fun 3D Printing Project meant to mimic the design of a Hand Grenade.  Holds a standard 66mm 12oz Soda Pop Can or Beer.  Also features a faux Pin to complete the look.  Designed using Fusion 360 this 3D Print Project idea is a fun way to enjoy a frosty beverage.  This design also has a mild can koozie insulating effect so it makes it a practical 3D Printer Project idea! FREE DOWNLOAD now available on from MandicReally. 3d Printing Pattern, 3d Printer Ideas Projects, Cool 3d Printing Ideas To Sell, Simple 3d Printing Ideas, 3d Print Files Free Printable, 3d Printer Projects To Sell, 3d Printing Ideas Useful Free, Beginner 3d Printer Projects, 3d Printed Toys Free Printable

12oz Can GRENADE 3D Printing Project - FREE Download - Soda Can Koozie

It is a CAN GRENADE, obviously... This is a 12oz Can "Cup" to hold whatever 12oz beverages you may enjoy. Whether it be soda pop, seltzer, or beer you can hav

John spence