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Explore the fascinating world of ice sheets and learn about their crucial role in shaping our planet. Find inspiration and knowledge about ice sheets and their significance in climate change.
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Earth's Thick Ice Sheets Are Young

Secular scientists have assigned vast ages—multiple hundreds of thousands of years—to the Dome Fuji, Vostok, and EPICA Dome C ice cores in Antarctica.1-3 They also claim to have counted more than 110,000 annual layers in Greenland’s deep GISP2 core.4 For this reason, some biblical skeptics think ice cores prove an old earth. However, the argument is not as strong as it appears, and there is positive evidence the ice sheets are young. Thick Ice Sheets Can Form Rapidly Secular sci

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"Luminous Glowing Blue Floating Arctic Ice Formations" by Stocksy Contributor "Adam Sébire"

Uummannaq, Greenland - winter 2022: beautiful Arctic polar light colours the icy blue frozen ocean, fragile sea ice sheet & glacier iceberg landscapes: reminders that this region already experiences 2-4x the effects of climate change as global warming impacts this vulnerable, melting environment.