How to make earrings

Discover step-by-step tutorials on how to make earrings at home. Get creative and design your own unique earrings to complement your style. Start crafting today!
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Hi friends! You may be seeing these super cute, trendy earrings popping up all over the place, (they are currently taking over my discover page on Instagram) and I’m here to tell you how to make them! This trend actually popped up for me during the beginning of the quarantine chaos when I legit thought I wouldn’t be able to leave my apartment so I STOCKED UP on clay, assuming this was going to be my new craft of choice while wedding calligraphy is on the back burner. (And I’m not sad that I…

Rebecca Landmark
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One of the hurdles in learning to make your own jewelry can be as simple as figuring out all the supplies that are out there and what the basics are to get started. My aim with this jewelry-making series is to help get you past those hurdles and on your way. I've already covered Tools and Materials as well as had a guest poster go over cords, ribbons, and laces. In this part of the series, I'm covering jewelry findings. Let me start by explaining that jewelry findings are the pieces used to…

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