How to display wall hangings at craft show

Learn how to showcase your wall hangings in an eye-catching and unique way at your next craft show. Discover top tips and tricks to attract customers and make your booth stand out from the crowd.
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To share the lessons in this article, I’ve replicated a craft show display I saw online that I thought could use some improvement, and have explained what I would change and how. Does the “before” display work? Yes. Could it use some improvement? Also, yes. I chose this display to replicate because it illustrates the...

Mary Cutaiar
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If you're like me and have spent countless hours searching the net and coming up short on how to build a display; then look no further. This one is very simple to do and can be customized to however it suits your needs. Here is what will be making: It is 2' Wide and 5' Tall. Supplies: 1-2'x4' Peg Board ( They come in 1/8" or 1/4" thickness, so that is up to you. However, I suggest the 1/4" as it seems to be more sturdier overall.) 2- 1"x2"x5' (sides) 2-1"x2"x20" 2-1"x2"x16"(legs) 4- L…

Carol Lauderbaugh
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You guys, ever since I made these craft show pegboards and shared my process on Instagram, I have been tagged in literally HUNDREDS of posts sharing how others used my simple tutorial to make theirs. Whoa 😳 So why, you ask, has it taken me so long to turn my nearly 3 year old Instagram story highlight into a blog post that's easier to find and has more clear, written instructions?If you want the truth, it's partly laziness and partly so much time passing that I sort of forgot some of the…

Danelle Routhier