How to be french

Discover the secrets to embodying the effortless elegance and charm of the French. Learn how to incorporate their style, attitude, and joie de vivre into your own life.
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Five Further French Habits to Adopt — Laura Bradbury

Thanks to the popularity of my first two posts in this series, Five Life-Enhancing French Habits to Adopt Today and Three More French Habits to Enhance Your Life I've come up with some further things I was first exposed to during my many years living in France and whic

Victoria Irving
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How to learn french for beginners: 7 things no one tells you — French Fluency

If you're a French beginner, you need to check this out. To learn beginners French isn't that hard - you just need to hear a few things before you start, so you don't waste time with frustrating methods that lead nowhere.

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How To Live Like A French Girl | Risk 23 Series

Hello everyone! So I have been quite obsessed with French things lately. However, I’ve learned that the French do a lot of things that appear effortless. I thought that maybe I would try my hand at it. Honestly, I don’t put a lot of effort into my appearance as I would like. So, this was…

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