Honed marble

Enhance the elegance of your space with honed marble. Discover top ideas to incorporate this classic stone into your home decor and create a timeless look.
My Experience of Living With Marble Countertops: One Year Later Renovation Diary: One Year Later | The Kitchn Vintage, Laminate Countertops, Countertop Surfaces, Marble Countertops, Countertops, Granite Countertops, New Countertops, Countertop Materials, Tile Countertops

When we renovated our kitchen a little over a year ago, we chose to put in honed marble countertops. One the one hand, I just couldn’t imagine anything else in the kitchen. On the other hand, we were nervous; was it the right decision? Would they be a practical choice for a high-traffic kitchen? What about staining and etching? Read on to find out what I think about my marble countertops, a year after moving in. The short answer? I love the countertops.

Jenny Komenda