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Transform your highschool classroom with these creative decor ideas. Enhance the learning environment and inspire your students with these unique and engaging decorations.
Inside my Farmhouse Classroom Makeover (with links!) | SECONDARY SARA Classroom Décor, Inspiration, Classroom Setup, English, Decoration, Classroom Ideas, Farmhouse Library, Classroom Door, Classroom Setting

this post contains affiliate links For many years, my classroom just didn't look or feel right. While I knew that the actions inside a classroom mattered more than what was on the walls, I also wanted it to look... well, at least clean and organized. Thus began a very gradual, years-long process of taking my room from a color-clashing mess to a comparatively calmer, semi farmhouse look. Some of the materials I bought, and some were reimbursed or bought by the school, but it did not happen…

Chelsie Marie