High school social studies

Explore interactive and thought-provoking high school social studies ideas that will captivate students and foster a deeper understanding of our world. Enhance classroom learning with these engaging activities.
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History Station Lessons in High School

History Station Lessons are a fun and interactive way to get your students out of their seats and engaged in the content.

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Social Studies Interactive Notebooks for Middle and High School

How to use interactive notebook pages in your social studies classes, including different strategies for ability levels and free pages to download.

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The Essential First Week of School

The first week of school, before you even begin to teach history, is more important than most teachers realize. It can make or break your year. Unfortunately, it is the week most beginning teachers have

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Meet Mister Harms! A Social Studies Teacher & Influencer - Mister Harms

Hey thanks for stopping by! It’s so great to meet you! I'm Mister Harms and I teach junior high and high school social studies in a small-town school. During the summer months, when I'm not teaching, I enjoy helping lead a youth camp that focuses on life transformation. My family

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Interactive Notebook Activities for Social Studies

An overview of six easy ways to make the best use of interactive notebook activities in your classroom. Includes activities like stations, webquests, textbook readings, and more!

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5 Top Trends for Teaching Social Studies in 2024

Teaching social studies is more of a challenge than ever before. Here are 5 key trends for 2024 to help your teaching be less stressful and more impactful for your students.

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5 Ways to Use Current Events in Your Social Studies Classroom

If you teach social studies, current events are a great way to engage kids and help them see your subject is relevant to their lives. Here's 5 ways to do that in your classroom

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Guide to using Social Studies Simulations to step away from the lecture podium and engage your students with hands-on history activities.

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