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My God, It’s Full Of Stars” captured by Thomas Zimmer on the North Sea island of Sylt in November 2010. (Via Imgur.) Interesting Photo of the Day: Starry Skies Over the Island of Sylt – PictureCorrect Puerto Vallarta, Santiago De Compostela, Milky Way, Greenwich Village, Camino De Santiago, Foto Tips, To Infinity And Beyond, Pretty Places, Dream Destinations

Interesting Photo of the Day: Starry Skies Over the Island of Sylt

Perseverance always prevails in the photography world. German photographer Thomas Zimmer waited over four hours in ice cold seaside winds to capture this stunning shot of starry skies on the west coast of the German island Sylt. The photograph is appropriately titled My God, It’s Full of Stars: But the image itself was a bit of a […]

Crystal Harvey
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Benefit from Energy Openings

- Reset Your Energy This Week - The turmoil of living now can be intense and chaotic. A key thing to keep in mind, especially now, is how quickly energies can shift. Sometimes the shift provides an opening to change the status quo. We're sitting in one of those openings this week. Continue reading for tips on how to benefit from this opening and reset your energy. Background

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Sunlight Through The Granite Gray

Lets look at a small problem with the statement “you must love yourself to love others or be loved by others”. The problem can be easily demonstrated by asking you the question “Do you believe in oneness or not?” If the answer is yes, you cannot truly believe you need to love yourself to love others or be loved by others because there is no such thing as “other” in this universe.

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...I saw before me a golden curtain and I climbed the stairs as if in a dream...

I have the misting fog irrigation system at the Australian National Botanic Gardens to thank for this one ... I was in the rainforest gully section when the mist jets came on further up the gully and rolled its fog toward me ... the way it played with the late afternoon sunlight made me gasp. No textures added here ... though it is a 3-frame HDR to try and capture the stairs which were in almost complete darkness. The scene reminded me of a dream I had ... still does. This'll likely be my…

Tempo da Delicadeza