Halloween cheesecake

Indulge in spooky and tasty Halloween cheesecake recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Get inspired with these creative and festive dessert ideas for your Halloween celebrations.
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A basic cookies and cream cheesecake tinted orange and filled with chunks of Halloween Oreos, sitting atop a Halloween Oreo crust. Top with adorable whipped cream ghosts for a spooky treat, or use classic Oreos and leave out the orange coloring for a luscious cheesecake variation all year round!

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Combining the most nostalgic and delicious store bought Halloween cookies with none other than the rich and creamy CHEESECAKE is a no brainer. So ladies and gentlemen I present to you this Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Cheesecake. This recipe can of course be made with any of the Pillsbury Sugar Cookie shapes but is extra cozy...

Nichole Stewart

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