Grand chase

Embark on an epic journey in Grand Chase and experience thrilling battles against powerful enemies. Join forces with your friends and become a legendary warrior in this action-packed online game.
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Name: Ryan Woodguard Age: 17 (Twelve Disciples), 19 (Dimensional Chaser) Hobbies: Talking to animals[1], taking a nap in the woods[1] Likes: Enjoying Mother Nature (tall trees, fresh air, and clean water) Dislikes: Everything that destroys Nature, forest fires[1] Weakness: Machine civilization[1] Ryan was born in the year 1444 in the Elven Forest on the Mother Tree revering continent of Bermesiah. At an early age, Ryan was influenced by his tribe's powerful feelings of wanting to protect…

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Name: Ercnard Sieghart Age: Approximately 600 years old Hobbies: Living comfortably[1], free life[1] Likes: Relaxation, being pampered by his servants, teasing his descendants and his friends[1] Dislikes: Training, walking and running, Ashtaroth[1] Weakness: Being teased about his age[1] Sieghart was born around the 800th anniversary of his kingdom as the 35th successor of the Sieghart family. He was considered to be one of the most talented Gladiators of all time, even amongst the Sieghart…