Good posture

Learn how to maintain good posture throughout the day and reduce the risk of back pain. Discover easy exercises and ergonomic techniques to achieve a healthier and more confident posture.
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Proper Posture Verses Poor Posture - Do you Have Einstein's Hunch?

The Einstein Hunch™ is a term developed by a certified personal trainer and author Gma Goldie. After several clients who were plagued by bad posture, she felt a name associated with a brilliant man who also had bad posture would be helpful for her clients to grab hold of the idea of how important posture is to their muscular physique. Why the term Einstein Hunch™ ? Because like many of Gma Goldie's clients who are successful and very intelligent, they forget about taking care of their body.

Meredith McCrindle
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What is the cost of having a bad posture? - Pilates Fitness

Is your posture good or bad? Do you know that the Work Foundation estimates that employees suffering from bone and joint pain cost the EU's economies 240bn euros (£200bn) each year? Do you know that about 44 million workers in the EU have musculoskeletal disorders caused by their workplace? Do you…

Pam Knight
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Pelvic Realignment Exercises

The pelvis and hips are the foundation of your entire skeleton, according to osteopathic Dr. Natalie Nevins. If they get thrown out of alignment, pain and tightness can spread up to the back and shoulders and down to the hamstrings. Accidents, injuries, muscle imbalances or poor posture can all tilt or rotate the ...

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