Enhance your ceramic creations with beautiful glaze techniques. Explore top ideas to add depth and vibrancy to your pottery and create stunning works of art.
2 stacked images: iced quick bread (top image) and simple icing/glaze in bowl (bottom image) Icing For Pancakes, Loaf Glaze Recipe, Glaze For Cinnamon Bread, Pie, Glaze Icing For Banana Bread, Simple Frosting Recipe Powdered Sugar, Glaze Frosting For Cookies, Glaze That Hardens Icing Recipe, Simple Glaze For Cake

An easy way to elevate cakes, cookies, muffins, and countless other baked goods! This simple 2 ingredient recipe will instantly step up any dessert. Read below for how to make this same recipe into either an icing or a glaze.

Monique Murray-Jones

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