Girl's frontline

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Girl's Frontline. Discover the thrilling gameplay, stunning visuals, and strategic battles that await. Join the community of players and experience the excitement today!
Ak 15, 15 Girls, Girl's Frontline, Arte 8 Bits, Cyberpunk Anime, Female Character Concept, Anime Military, Military Girl, Anime Warrior

You Died Cause Of Your Dead Is Stepping A Lego Brick, Your Toe's Get Stumbled By Table Leg, And You Get Heart Attack. I know Your Died Is Weird And Funny Make Someone Laugh If They Know Your Cause Of Dead But I Send You Into Arknights World, I Know In Arknights There's Oripathy, Feranmut, Seaborn, Or Someone Powerful Skilled Arts But Don't Worry I Give You Powerful Ability And Some Harem To You, Good Luck Y/N. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was insipired by a fellow writter called IamNicx2…

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