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Enhance your look with stunning gemstone jewelry. Explore a wide range of designs and find the perfect piece to add elegance and sparkle to any outfit.
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Emanate individuality with our meticulously crafted Bohemian Crystal and Pearl Necklace. A fusion of Bohemian charm and ethnic allure, this exquisite piece embodies the essence of free-spirited style. Each crystal and pearl is lovingly handpicked and meticulously arranged, reflecting a unique interplay of colors and textures. The Bohemian-inspired design exudes an air of wanderlust, embracing your distinct persona. Draped around your neck, it's a statement of your artistic spirit…

Sheri Erickson
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Mystical, ethereal, and esoteric jewelry inspired by the healing properties of genuine crystals including birthstones, zodiac stones and many other gems and crystals. Our jewelry is meant to support your connection with yourself, others and the universe.

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Unique yet timeless Fine jewelry. Our rings, necklaces, earrings & bracelets are by designers: Jennie Kwon, Melanie Casey, Sofia Zakia, Sirciam, Artemer, Yasuko Azuma, brooke gregson, Mason Grace, Lumo, Everett Jewelry, ROSEDALE, Lumo. We use ethically sourced moonstones, opals, diamonds, tourmaline, sapphires, rubies.

Samantha Weeks
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Fox & Bond's collection of antique victorian rings handmade in yellow gold and set with a variety of magical gemstones. #Rubies #opals #turquoise #emeralds #pearls #diamonds #sapphires #goldrings #ringstacks #finejewelry #goldrings #victorianrings #goldjewelry #womensfashion

A Girl Named Aja
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Moonstone, one of the three birthstones of June, is a unique gem that displays a rare glowing sheen known as adularescence. This sheen resembles the glow of the moon through a veil of thin clouds. Its unusual appearance has captivated the hearts of jewelry lovers for centuries and made it the most well-known gemstone of the feldspar group.

Ramya Raviraj