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Enhance your outdoor space with these creative garden post ideas. Find inspiration to add style and functionality to your garden with unique post designs.
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How To Make Your Own Peace Pole - Victoria J Brown

I’ve become a little obsessed with peace poles since I discovered them … A what? You may be asking … These are poles (they look similar to a fence post) and each side is decorated. When you create and plant a peace pole, you are connecting to people all over the world. There are thousands […]

Micky Kruschke
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Outdoor Garden Art Post with Cricut Permanent Vinyl

Create a unique outdoor decor piece with Cricut permanent vinyl. Our project inspiration blog teaches you how to make an eye-catching garden art post that will impress all your guests.

Johanne Desjardins
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Made to Order Hand Painted Garden / Memorial Poles - Etsy Canada

These garden poles can be customized to fit your style. They make great gifts and/or tributes! The poles can be different heights. See options below. 4x4 4ft= $350 4x4 5ft=$300 4x4 3ft= $250 These poles are coated with a weather resistant stain/ polyurethane. They come with a rod to insert and place in the ground.

cathy honeywell