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Learn how to create your own fursuit with this comprehensive step-by-step tutorial. Discover the techniques and materials needed to bring your furry character to life.
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Padded Hand-paw Tutorial.

Someone asked about how-to's on hand paws. This method is a bit time consuming compared to most, but I really like the look and feel of padded hands and felt it worthwhile to pass along my method to anyone who's interested with a tutorial, since I've been taking massive amounts of photos of the…

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How do you attach feet to digitigrade legs?: fursuit — LiveJournal Fursuit Paws, Fursuit Tutorial, Fnaf Cosplay, Dragon Puppet, Animal Costumes, Cosplay Tutorial, Fantasias Halloween, Cosplay Diy, Spandex Leggings

How do you attach feet to digitigrade legs?

Running into a bit of a conundrum with attaching my feet to my digitigrade legs. I was hoping some of you experts could help me. Here's an in-progress photo of my legs currently! I'm building the foam padding on top of sweat-wicking spandex leggings. The plan is to sew spandex around the foam to…

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How to improve your fursuit-crafting - Wedgeshoes by FurForge Fursuit Tips And Tricks, Fursona Markings, Fursuit Making Tips, How To Make A Fursuit, Fursuit Hair, Fursuit Tips, Fursuit Inspiration, Fursuit Making, Leg Armor

How to improve your fursuit-crafting - Wedgeshoes by FurForge on DeviantArt

Description I often see people struggeling with details of their fursuit-craftings, and even wonderful finished suits with details that in my eyes ruin or lower the visual effect. Therefore I want to write down some of these details, and how to improve them. This is only my opinion! I know that the other techniques I don't like often have reasons why they are used. I prefer a good look instead of better movement and durability, and rather like to think of ways that look good AND are flexible…

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