Foldable furniture

Maximize your space with innovative foldable furniture that is both functional and stylish. Explore top ideas for creating a versatile and organized living area.
Material Exploration Design, Wooden Product Design, Conceptual Product Design, Lamp Packaging Design, Origami Product Design, Unique Lamp Design, Elegant Product Design, Geometric Product Design, Module Design Ideas designs are really quite intriguing! They’re portable, easy to put together, and occupy minimum space. From foldable fur

The Loop Chair Takes any shape or size | by LYNfabrikken Cardboard Chair, Perfect Apartment, Modular Chair, Folding Furniture, Objet Design, Multifunctional Furniture, Cardboard Furniture, Smart Furniture, Modular Furniture

The Loop Chair is a multipurpose design that will meet your sitting needs. The Loop Chair is made of seven boards of different sizes and uses hinges to connect them all to each other. This particular design will let the Loop Chair take almost any shape or size you desire. The Loop Chair can also act as a bar stool, a chaise lounge, a bookshelf or a coffee table. In total there are 12 different positions the Loop Chair can be arranged in, thanks to those handy connectors that will hold every…

Diana Stoyanova