Flowers in resin

Discover unique and beautiful ways to preserve your favorite flowers in resin. Create stunning resin art pieces that encapsulate the beauty and memories of your blooms.
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Working with Resin for Beginners

It can definitely feel like a huge jump and commitment to get started, but it can be so fulfilling and amazing to create something from scratch. I am here to help you figure it out with this guide on resin for beginners.

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How to Preserve Flowers in Resin

Learn how to preserve flowers in resin and create a unique keepsake that will brighten up your home decor! Follow our beginner friendly step by step photo and video tutorials, and read below for helpful tips about working with resin. Did you know that you can add dried flowers to epoxy resin to preserve their colour and beauty permanently? Use flowers from a special occasion, like a wedding or graduation, and create a physical memory of the event. The results are SO PRETTY! This post…

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How to Cast Flowers in Epoxy Resin - DIY Resin Rose Paperweight!

How to Cast Flowers in Epoxy Resin - DIY Resin Rose Paperweight!: The only bad (or sad) thing about giving or receiving freshly cut flowers is that they just don't last! This Instructable covers all the information you'll need to begin drying and casting flowers in resin. The processes and techniques are demonstra…

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Preserving Bouquet Flowers in Resin | How to Preserve Flowers - Hello Lidy

Maintain your wedding bouquet's shape, look, and feel for a longer period of time by preserving bouquet flowers in resin!

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