Fabric weaving

Discover the art of fabric weaving and unleash your creativity with these DIY fabric weaving ideas. Learn different techniques and create unique and beautiful woven pieces for your home decor or personal accessories.
Fabric Weaving Pattern! Woven Star Variations — WEFTY Patchwork, Ombre, Origami, Pillows, Quilts, Cushion Fabric, Woven Fabric, Cushion Cover Designs, Fabric Weaving

Hot off the presses! It's my first print pattern, Woven Star Variations . The pattern walks you through every step of the weaving process, teaches three star variations (Solid, Rainbow, and Ombre), and includes instructions for two project options: a tote bag or cushion cover. Here are t

Linda Addonizio
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Images via Koron007 Centuries ago, fabric was a rare and precious commodity only the wealthy could afford. So people treasured old and worn-out pieces of clothing to recycle and reuse in order to make new clothes. Thus the sakiori was born. Sakiori comes from the word "saki" which means to tear up or rip and "ori" which means weave. Recycling old fabric remnants into sakiori weavings follows the Japanese indispensable concept of “mottainai” or not wasting precious cloth that can prolong the…

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paper yarn tutorial

You can weave with paper strips, but if you want to create a more traditional weaving then you can also create your own paper yarn! Using a drop spindle we are making our own paper yarn to be used in your weaving projects, knitting, crochet, or any other fiber art you can think of!

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