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Explore a world of creativity with embroidery and stitching. Discover unique ideas and techniques to create beautiful handmade projects that showcase your skills and passion for DIY.
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Top 10 beginner mistakes in hand embroidery

Little by little I've mentioned in my posts some mistakes that you might be making as a hand embroidery beginner and warned you from some other things that you can do as a rookie. But all of it is scattered around the blog, so I thought it is a high time I make a compilation and gather all of that in one place. So here we go! The list of the most common mistakes as a hand embroidery beginner: 1. Not taking your fabric out of the hoop after stitching session So, let's say, you have an…

Adrienne James
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French Knot Tips - Betz White

At the end of last year I was able to teach a few ornament classes locally. It's always such great experience to learn from my students. Many of my felt ornament designs involve some basic embroidery stitches. One of my favorites is the French Knot. It's such a great little stitch for adding a touch

Debbie Mortensen

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