Ecuadorian roses

Explore a wide selection of stunning Ecuadorian roses that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you're planning a romantic gesture or decorating for a special event, these exquisite flowers will add elegance and beauty to your space.
Ecuadorian roses grow to 6'! Travel with Teri B. : ECUADOR -- Part 2 Ecuadorian Roses, Colombia Flag, Long Vase, Short Vase, Wholesale Flowers, Blooming Flowers, Diy Flowers, Beautiful Roses, Ecuador

ECUADOR -- Part 2

Want the inside scoop on what it is like to live in Ecuador as a retired expat? Well, we found out all the details on the next leg of the recent South American vacation. And it was quite fascinating, indeed... After leaving the phenomenal Galapagos Islands (see previous post), we flew to Guayaquil with what was to be a brief stop en route to Quito. There was a medical emergency on board; indeed all indications were it was a fatality. I mention this to give major kudos to LAN personnel for…

Teri Bialosky