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Enhance your jewelry collection with our collection of unique and stylish earring pins. Find the perfect accessory to elevate your look for any occasion.
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Learn How To Use Eye Pins

Learn how to make jewelry with our top 5 jewelry techniques that every bead stringing designer should know. Learn how to make ear wires. Learn how to string multi-strand necklaces. Learn how to crimp and so much more!

Nancy Thorne
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Ear Jacket, Ear Jackets, Ear Cuff Jacket, Ear Pins, Ear Jacket Earring, Floating Earrings, Gold Earrings,ear Jacket Gold,front Back Earrings - Etsy

A Pair Of Classic Ear Jackets Delicate and elegant pair of handcrafted ear jacket earrings that look like they are floating on the lobe. - 2 in one → wear this pair of Jacket Earrings as studs and as ear jackets. Earrings size: 1.6 *1 cm Need a different size? Just let us know. - The earrings come with silicon backs. We use non-tarnish, water-safe, and hypoallergenic materials, including 14k gold filled (yellow or rose) and sterling silver. _____ - Nickel Free - Tarnish Resistant - No…

Allie Lindsey
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Blue long rectangle earrings, light blue geometric earrings for architects, modernist blue statement

Blue and light blue geometric earrings from linoleum. Also available in black and white. Unlike acrylic, linoleum is a natural and eco friendly material, it feels warmer and smells wonderfully. Edgy and eccentric, yet simple in their form, these earrings are the perfect touch to your outfit! From a formal black dress to a casual white T-shirt, wear them from day to night to add a dash of colour to your look, or gift them to any of your architect friends, they will love them…

Tammy Rice
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Shooting Star Safety Pin Brooch Safety Pin Charm Safety Pin Bag Charm Safety Pin Dangles Alternative Style Pin - Etsy

Shooting Star Safety Pin Dangles Details: 2in safety pin 3 layers of beads Purple Seed Beads and Silver Stars These adorable safety pins make for great little gifts and or keepsakes to stylize on your outfits if it’s your face mask, denim jacket, back pack, beanie, basically anything you can stick a pin through so let your creativity go wild! And be sure to tag us on Instagram I’ll be sure to repost and I would love to see how you styled it! 😄✨ As all my products they are handmade with all…

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Making Custom Enamel Pins From Home

Making Custom Enamel Pins From Home: Enamel pin collecting can be an expensive hobby, and custom enamel pins even more so. Minimum bulk orders and startup costs make it prohibitive to use factories for personal projects. I've tried and tested dozens of tutorials for making enamel pins …