Dumbbell ab workout

Get a stronger core with this effective dumbbell ab workout. Sculpt your abs and build endurance with these top exercises to achieve your fitness goals.
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Since December is Ab month I wanted to share this awesome STANDING AB ROUTINE! Not all abs are defined doing crunches on the floor. Actually one of my favorite core routines I have ever done is in PiYo and almost all the moves are standing positions! And boy howdy does it work your body! Check out these workouts to try and add a variation to your December challenge! Are you following me on FACEBOOK yet? Check me out!

Charlene House
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67K views, 3.5K likes, 25 comments, 572 shares, Facebook Reels from Joannercize Fitness LLC: Disclaimer: as much as I would love it, the man in the video is NOT included. But, these...

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246.4K likes, 393 comments. “‼️AB ROUTINE‼️: these ab exercises and of course a clean healthy diet helped me transform my stomach over college winter break!! Also I have no idea what these exercises are actually called I just made these names up 🤷🏼‍♀️”

Autumn Francour