Dolly makeup tutorial

Learn how to achieve an enchanting dolly look with this step-by-step makeup tutorial. Enhance your features and transform into a doll with these easy-to-follow makeup techniques.
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I’m A Fashion And Beauty Photographer Based In London, And Here Are Some Of My Works (13 Pics)

I'm a fashion and beauty photographer based in London. Been published a few times in independent fashion magazines in the US and Europe. Always happy to be involved in exciting projects or be given the opportunity to increase my exposure - I am after all a struggling artist !!! Hopefully, you'll like my work enough to go check out my website at and who knows if you really like it you might want to email me with an upcoming project.

reeda fiyah
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Cutest Korean Makeup You Can Try For Your Next Big Event

Koreans have always been known for their expertise in beauty trends, especially when it comes to skincare and makeup techniques. Their ability to unlock the secrets of beauty has made Korean makeup looks highly sought after around the world. Thanks to the influence of K-pop and K-drama on global culture, Korean makeup looks have gained even more popularity in recent times. These looks are characterized by a subtle and natural approach, with a strong emphasis on maintaining healthy skin. To…

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