Dog garden

Transform your garden into a haven for your dog. Discover ideas to design a dog-friendly space where your furry friend can play, relax, and explore.
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11 Dog Friendly Landscaping Ideas

You want your dog to be safe while playing in the yard, but you also want your landscaping to survive. With proper planning, you can have both. Here are 13 dog-friendly landscaping ideas for you to consider.

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The Sensory Yard: Making Our Backyard into A Sensory Heaven for Our Dogs

When we moved into our home this past September, we knew we wanted to renovate our yard into a sensory paradise for our two dogs, Bindi and Rosie.Our yard isn't huge, so we planned to use of every square inch and make the most out of what we had into sensory garden.Here's how I planned what elements to add into our Sensory Yard, and I hope it inspires others on how they can do the same!PART 1: THE SENSESThe senses. 5 unique, ever-present groupings that completely affect how we interpret the…

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18 Dog friendly plants that always look great | My Dream Haus

Dogs love to explore, sniff and destroy plants. So, when developing an inviting space for any pooch, you'll want to incorporate some dog friendly plants.

Maria Constantine
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15 Dog-Friendly Plants for Your Garden - Great Garden Plants Blog

We’ve compiled a list of our most popular plants that are safe for dogs. Add these to your garden to spend less time worrying about your pup.

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Dog Paws Stepping Stones

Dog Paws Stepping Stones: I wanted to put stepping stones from our walk gate and could not find ones I like so ...... I made them. The idea I had was to make dog paws and as the idea evolved personalizing them with all of our past and present pets became a part of it. Making…

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